axon protect

We’re driven by one clear goal: Protect Life.

We believe in a world with less assaults, less violence, and less worry. One that’s safer, bolder. Where one can live their life without fear.
And we’re dedicated to creating technology and smart solutions for everyday Americans to achieve that goal. 

Axon Protect exists to provide access to tools, training and information designed for your personal safety. 
We welcome you to join our community to make sure everyone gets home safe.

ABOUT our company

Axon Enterprise, Inc. is a software, technology and de-escalation weaponry development company
for law enforcement and the greater public safety sector based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Axon was founded in 1993 by brothers Rick and Tom Smith, who were on a mission to reduce gun violence after two friends were killed in a senseless act of road-rage violence. What started in a garage with inventor Jack Cover has grown into an expansive technology company with a network of people, devices and apps that help public safety agencies around the world make their communities safer.

Our mission is to protect life.