You’re walking home alone at night. You hear a noise behind you. You increase your pace, but the sound gets closer. Your heart pounds as your hand reaches into your pocket and wraps around your StrikeLight 2, the newest personal protection device from TASER Self-Defense.

You take a deep breath, pull the device from your pocket, and spin around as you switch on the light. The person behind you stops in their tracks and shields their eyes with their forearm, blocking the disorienting 700 lumens of light.

They take a step backward but don’t retreat. You slide the safety forward and arm the device. You pull the trigger, and it emits a loud audio arc. This time, the perpetrator turns and takes off, and you continue on your way, reaching home safe and sound.

What is the StrikeLight 2?

The newest in the StrikeLight line, this device offers three-in-one protection. With three distinct light modes, a deterring audio arc, and industry-leading stun gun technology— the StrikeLight 2 is exactly what you need to increase your sense of security anytime you’re out and about.

When should you carry a StrikeLight 2?

Because of its small size, the StrikeLight 2 is easy to carry, whether you’re taking the dogs for a walk or making your way home from the office. This portability allows you to carry it in a holster inside your pocket, bag, or briefcase.

Since you can turn the StrikeLight 2 flashlight on and off without engaging the stun gun, it’s safe to use even when you’re not concerned about personal protection. The flashlight features three distinct modes:

  • Red beam for discreet use and to preserve night vision
  • Standard 150-lumen beam for regular activities
  • High 700-lumen beam to disorient threats

These features make this the ideal personal protection device to keep with you when you’re outside the home. From running errands and getting groceries to a night out with your friends, the StrikeLight 2 keeps you protected regardless of your activity.

How do you use the StrikeLight 2?

The StrikeLight 2 offers you three layers of self-defense. First, the 700-lumen light beam can be used to temporarily confuse a potential perpetrator. Second, the loud arc audio can be used to draw attention to you and deter the threat from a distance.Lastly, you have the 20kV stun gun for self-defense in a close contact situation.

If you must engage your stun gun, aim for large muscle groups like the arms, thighs, or center mass. Keep the stun gun pressed against the threat for a few seconds to induce pain compliance. One you’ve activated the stun gun and the perpetrator is in pain, get out of the situation and find safety immediately.

Are you ready to increase your confidence?

The StrikeLight 2 provides an increase in personal protection and confidence. It features a safety slider, which prevents accidental shocks when you pull it from its holster. And with its rechargeable battery that uses a standard USB-C charger, it’s easy to have charged and ready when you need it most.

You never know when a self-defense situation will arise. But with the StrikeLight 2 in your hand, you’ll be ready and equipped to protect yourself when it does.