What is Your Story?

Joelle: Hi! My name is Joelle and I was the intern and am now the current Operations Manager for TASER Self-Defense. However, when I am not working as part of my internship, I am also a full-time MBA student at Pepperdine University. I currently live in Los Angeles and commute to the various campuses. I enjoy exploring the food scene, going on hikes and going out with friends.

Jeanne: Hi! My name is Jeanne Rozek. I am a mom of five – two daughters and three dogs as well as grandmother to one 85 pound pitbull. I currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoy working out, hiking and being involved in my community.

What Were Your Biggest Concerns with Attending Pepperdine University IN Los Angeles?

Joelle: Initially, I think I was most nervous about the classes and going back to school after working for five years. However, as I moved through the program I started to take on more night classes. With the night classes ending at 10pm, I became concerned with my safety not only leaving campus but traveling home to my apartment.

Jeanne: As the mother of two daughters their safety is always a major concern for me. With Joelle going back to school and living in a vast city like Los Angeles, I wanted to insure she was as safe and as prepared as she could possibly be. From living in a “safe neighborhood” to being safe when she commutes not only to campus but when she goes out and explores the city with friends.

Have you done any self-defense training?

Joelle: I did! When I was at Arizona State University for my undergraduate degree, I took several self-defense classes offered through the university. I would like to start up again and refresh my skills. I have been looking into Krav Maga classes!

Jeanne: My youngest daughter had an unfortunate experience while she was away at University. She was attacked in a parking garage, thankfully nothing worse then some bruises occurred. That experience reinforced to our family the importance of self-defense and led us to take some classes to better understand how to protect ourselves. It has been a while since we took those classes. I plan on joining Joelle in restarting and taking some Krav Maga.

What is your favorite TASER Self-Defense device?

Joelle: How to pick! I am a big fan of both the TASER Pulse+ and StrikeLight. I generally carry my TASER Pulse+ on me everywhere I go. I have it secured in a soft carry sleeve inside whatever purse or bag I am carrying at all times. But when it comes to hiking or just being out in nature, I tend to bring my StrikeLight for its loud arcing feature. Both of these devices make me feel safe no matter what I am looking to do.

Jeanne: Ugh! I have to choose. When I am walking my dogs or hiking I prefer to use the StrikeLight, because the loud arcing not only scares potential attackers but wildlife as well. Also with early morning and evening walks, the flashlight is a great feature to have. For me the StrikeLight is easier to handle while holding four dog leashes at the same time! I am also a huge fan of the Pulse+. I currently have the Clear Pulse+ and carry it with me in my purse as well. I am a big fan of the NoonLight feature, as someone with limited training getting to safety is my first priority. To me the TASER devices are great alternatives to someone like myself and my daughter who are not comfortable with other self-defense options like guns.

What is your best personal safety tip (aside from carrying a TASER device):

Joelle: This is a tough one! I would have to say for me it’s being aware of your surroundings. I am a big fan of hiking and other outdoor activities. While I would love to listen to music most of the time I put my headphones in my ears but don’t have anything playing. This allows me to still be connected to everything happening around me.

Jeanne: I agree with Joelle – its important to be very aware of your surroundings. If your gut tells you something is off, chances are something is off. To me personal safety is common sense. I always tell my daughters there is safety in numbers and not to wander off on their own and not to put themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Always stay in well lit areas. Even in an area where you feel safe, bad things can sometimes happen and often do so you have to be prepared.

What do you do to carry yourself with confidence?

Joelle: I am a big planner! So for me it’s having lists and goals. Knowing that I am making progress no matter how small the task helps me to stay positive.

Jeanne: Being Prepared. I like to anticipate what could go wrong and be ready. I am the queen of not only plan A but plan B and C as well.

Would you ever take a 5 second Ride?

Joelle: I already did! During my summer internship I had the opportunity to experience a five second exposure. Understanding how our devices work is very important to me and gives me even more confidence in them as a self-defense tool.

Jeanne: I have seen the video of Joelle’s exposure and listened to her story as well as others. I am not sure I am ready to take on an exposure myself at this time. Maybe one day!

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