According to Dr. Janet Lauritsen, who referenced the National Crime Victimization Survey in a Vice interview, robbery and personal larceny increase by approximately 20 percent during the month of December. With store hours extending late into the night, many consumers will be walking through parking lots and garages later in the evening.

Quick Tips to Shop Safely 

  1. Consider where you park: park in a well-lit area or near the entrance of your location. Snap a picture or make a note of your floor and spot so that there’s no confusion when you are returning to your car.
  2. Stash the cash at home: thieves are on the lookout and you shouldn’t be an obvious target. Keep cash in a zippered pocket, in a hard to reach area of your body or opt to use a credit card if possible.
  3. Lighten your load: avoid overloading yourself with packages. It’s important to see where you are going. If you must leave packages in your car, lock them in the trunk.
  4. Check your sleigh: be aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t have any unwanted passengers hanging out around your car before heading home.
  5. Prevent home delivery problems: if you are doing your holiday shopping online, take steps to make sure deliveries don’t pile up outside your front door. Unattended packages are easy targets for thieves. If possible, try to schedule deliveries for days and times that you or a neighbor will be home or close by. It’s always a good idea to have home security measures in place, like fences or cameras, that can be deterrents to people looking to snatch packages.
  6. Protect yourself: ourchase a personal safety device and invest time into your safety plan. TASER devices or stun guns can help you feel confident, empowered and protected. These devices can fit inside a purse, bag or backpack and help keep you prepared.