The dangers we face while out socializing vary for men and women, as the risk of becoming victimized weighs heavier on women, especially when it comes to being out after dark. One in two women admit to being afraid to walk alone at night, and many avoid regular activities, such as riding the bus or going out, if they’re by themselves. While these statistics are staggering, there are actions you can take to protect yourself on a night out and decrease your risk of being victimized.

Here are the top four self-defense tips you can use to help keep yourself safe next time you’re out on the town.

1. Carry a torch light

Most crimes occur in low-light situations. Dark shadows make it easy for criminals to hide, and low lighting makes it difficult for you to identify them. Solve this problem by carrying a torch light. A torch light is a tactical flashlight that offers you a bright, widespread light. Available with different modes, opt for a torch with a strobe effect, as you can use it to disorient the perpetrator and signal for help. Since you’ll be relying on the light for self-defense purposes, make sure it’s lightweight, waterproof and sturdy.

2. Know where you are going

Don’t aimlessly walk around a city at night, even if you’re with friends. Always have an end location in mind and walk with purpose. As you’re making your way to your destination, stay aware of your surroundings, which means putting your phone and earbuds away. Knowing where you are going is also important when using ridesharing services. Pay attention to the direction you’re headed and know how long it should take to get there.

3. Stick with someone you know

It can be easy to get separated from your crew, even on a night out with friends. But since there’s safety in numbers, make sure you pair up before heading out. Commit to staying with each other throughout the night, and you can ensure no one gets left alone. You can also schedule regular text check-ins and designate a meeting spot, just in case anyone gets lost. If you do lose your friends, try to linger where you were last together, as they’re likely to look there first.

4. Carry a TASER device

When you really want to make sure you’re protected during a night out, carry a TASER device. Just presenting a TASER device can deter a criminal. When necessary, it can temporarily disable them with non-lethal muscle lockup, allowing you a chance to get away. You can carry a TASER device – like the Bolt 2 – on your person or in your bag so have it with you and accessible when a self-defense situation arises.

Having a night out with friends should be a fun-filled experience, not one riddled with anxiety. But by following these tips, you can ease your fears, stay safe and still have a fun time.