Follow these steps to ensure you’re dressed for defense in winter:

  • Keep it simple. Wearing clothes that limit mobility can slow you down when you need it most, so stick to the basics.
  • Warm your paws. Wear gloves! Not only do they keep your hands warm, so they’re not stuck in your pocket if you need them, but gives you some padding if you are in a hand-to-hand combat situation.
  • Stand your ground. Shoes with good traction are essential in the winter. You don’t want to be slipping on an icy sidewalk if you need to get away quick.
  • Protect your neck. Scarves are useful in the winter, but can be an easy target for an attacker to grab onto. If you’re wearing one, make sure to tuck it into your jacket.

Bonus tip:
Use their clothes against them. Hopefully any potential attackers haven’t found our blog, and have missed some of these key dressing tips. Take advantage of their laziness and use what they’re wearing against them – tug their scarf or lead a chase on an icy path.